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Demantoid Garnet





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Garnet Mali

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Opal (Australia)

Opal (Ethiopia)



Rhodolite Garnet (Pyrope-Almandine)



Spessartite Garnet









Tourmaline Bi-Color

Tourmaline Paraiba (Brazil)

Tourmaline Rubelite

Tsavorite Garnet


Zultanite (Color Change Diaspore)

They say “Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend” Gemstones are “Every ones Best Friend”

With the world market collapse of 2008 The number of Gemstones collectors around the world has boomed, “Why” ? because gemstones not only hold their value, most continue to increase in value and therefore gemstones are a great way of investing in the future.  

See here how we provide the most accurate online appraisal possible for all our gemstones.

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Gemstone Auctioneers Where Precious Gemstones Are Affordable to everyone!

Gemstone Auctioneers have sold thousands of Naturally mined Gemstones to collectors and investors all over the world, the utility we use for valuations is renowned in the jewellery and gemstone collectors community.

With Gemstone Auctioneers you get “straight and correct facts” with the “Clarity-Grade and Valuation” of every Gemstone.

You also get a complete “History” so you can understand the “origins” and how the Gemstone has “evolved” over the years.

Historical charts for the past 1 to 11 years show how the gemstone has performed financially.

No other company offer you the chance of owning your own precious or semi-precious gemstone, at a fraction of the retail cost.

Please only bid In the auction if you intend to purchase, Please be fair to others taking part!

Have Fun & Happy Bidding! And please remember

“What you Bid is What You Pay”


An amazing selection of precious and semi-precious gemstones

There are 80 fantastic Gemstones in this auction.

Gemstones in our latest auction

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emerald12.71Lot 1

GIA certified Emerald 12.71ct

Lot 2

Colour change Diaspore 48.58ct

paraiba0.35ctLot 3

Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline 0.35ct

5xtazanite5.04ctLot 4

5 x Tanzanite 5.04ct

Lot 5

20 x Sapphire 1.50ct

Lot 6

Demantoid Garnet 8.72ct

Lot 7


Sapphire 1.53ct  

Lot 8 Certified Emerald 4.10ct

Lot 9 Tanzanite 1.07ct

Lot 10 Bolivian Amethyst 28.50ct

Lot 11

Mixed colours

Tourmanline 3.05ct

Lot 12 Ethioian multi colour Opal 5.40ct

Lot 13  


Sapphire  1.50ct

Lot 14 Burma Ruby

Un-heated 0.47ct

Lot 15 Tanzanite 70 pieces 4.04ct

Lot 16

Un-heated madagascar Sapphire 1.08ct

Lot 17 Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline 0.37ct

Lot 18 Columbian Emerald x 13 pieces 2.03ct

Lot 19 Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline 0.84ct

Lot 20

Un-heated Ceylon Sapphire


Lot 21 Tourmaline x 28 pieces 3.02ct

Lot 22 Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline 0.45ct

Lot 23 Brazilian Apetite 1.10ct

Lot 24

Un-heated Burma Ruby


Lot 25 Colombian Emerald 2.30ct

Lot 26 Colombian Emerald 3.10ct

Lot 27 Colour change Diaspore 20.44ct

Lot 28 Tanzanite 1.31ct

Lot 29 Mystic Topaz  4.79ct

Lot 30 Brazilian Aquamarine 5.84ct

Lot 31 Padpadracha

Sapphire 1.23ct

Lot 32 Bolivian Amethyst 23.05ct

Lot 33 Sapphire 3.99ct

Lot 34 Brazilian Apetite 10 x pieces 3.54ct

Lot 35 Peridot 5 x pieces 2.30ct

Lot 36 Brazilian London Blue Topaz 2.99ct

Lot 37

Un-heated Ceylon Sapphire x 3 pieces 1.24ct

Lot 38

Un-heated Ceylon Sapphire 2.42ct

lot 39 Demantoid Garnet 0.76ct

Lot 40

Ethiopian Multi colour Black Opal 3.43ct

Lot 41 Colombian Emerald 2.85ct

Lot 42 Ceylon Spinel 0.67ct

Lot 43 Mystic Topaz 3.73ct

Lot 44 Madagascar Sapphire 0.60ct

Lot 45 Bolivian Amethyst 16.17ct

Lot 46 Brazilian Aquamarine 5.97ct

Lot 47 Tanzanite 0.82ct

Lot 48 Colour change Diaspore 12.28ct

Lot 49

Lot 50

Lot 51

Lot 52

Lot 53 Colombian Emerald 4.00ct

Lot 54 Colombian Emerald 2.26ct

Lot 55 Tanzanite 0.93ct

Lot 56 Colour change Diaspore 1.10ct

Lot 57

Un-heated Ceylon Sapphire 1.20ct

Lot 58

Lot 59 Tanzanite 70 pieces 4.00ct

Lot 60

Un-heated x 3 Sapphires  1.28ct

Lot 61 Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline 0.46ct

Lot 62

Un-heated Madagascar Sapphire 0.97ct

Lot 63 Madagascar 25x Sapphire mixed colours 2.18ct

Lot 64

Un-heated Ceylon Sapphire 0.47ct

Lot 65 Demantoid Garnet 0.25ct

Lot 66 Ethiopian Black multi colour Opal 3.22ct

Lot 67 Colombian Emerald 2.23ct

lot 68 Colombian Emerald 2.24ct

Lot 69 Demantoid Garnet 0.73ct

Lot 70

Tanzanite 1.10ct

lot 71 Tanzanite 0.91ct

lot 72 Bolivian Amethyst 18.01ct

Lot 73

Ceylon Sapphire 5.53ct

Lot 74 Brazilian Aquamarine 2.17ct

Lot 75 Brazilian Aquamarine 2.98ct

Lot 76 Colombian Emeralds 1.61ct

Lot 77 Quartz 12.26ct

Lot 78 Colombian Emerald 4.04ct

Lot 79 Colombian Emerald 1.68ct

Lot 80 Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline 0.44ct

Lot 81 Heated Ceylon Sapphire 1.62ct

Paraiba Tourmaline 0.48ct

Paraiba Tourmaline 0.57ct

All photographs are microscopic x 20 so the gemstones inclusions and clarity can be seen with the naked eye.

Real Time Video really helps in true viewing of the gemstone

Emeralds (13)

Apetite (2)

Amethyst (4)

Aquamarine (4)

Demantoid Garnet (4)

Opal (Ethiopia) (3)

Ruby (2)

Sapphire (21)

Spinel (1)

Tanzanite (8)

Topaz (3)

Tourmaline (2)

Tourmaline Paraiba (Brazil) (6)

Zultanite (Color Change Diaspore) (4)

Quartz (1)

Peridot (1)

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